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Pump Up The Jam vol. 6 | Esprit TZP
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2020 has been kinda hectic until now.
Graffiti for me has been a way to maintain a certain mind health. Through graffiti, I’ve been able to go through these difficult times.

Captain Harlock | Geneva, Switzerland – ESPRIT TZP ©2020

In August 2020 has been held the sixth edition of a graffiti/street art jam, in Geneva (Switzerland).
I’ve been invited to contribute to this years event.
A 10m. by 10m. was my playground for a little more than 4 days under a 35°C burning hot sun.

Since this year I wasn’t able to make it to Montreal (Canada) for my annual visit, I decided to redo a character I painted last year in MTL : Captain Harlock. Moreover, since some toy crossed it, I wanted this old school anime character to be represented in my town.

Many thanks to Walls’Street, JR Productions and Loop Colors for the support.